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Christian Adventure-Discipleship Ministry is the core and the purpose of who we are and what we do here in Uganda. All other tasks and projects and ministries are focused to demonstrate God's love and open opportunities for people to know Him better and trust in His grace.

Evangelism. We have a several teams of evangelists who work with us to share Christ in the villages. When the numbers of new believers grows, we work with them to begin a new church (a "church plant") and to train new pastors to be the shepherd of these young sheep.

Discipleship. Spiritual growth happens in community. As iron sharpens iron, so does one (of us) sharpen another. As we share our spiritual growth process with each other, we glean insights and make progress towards our spiritual goals. This equips us to be useful tools in the Father's hands and deepens the spiritual impact of our lives.

Church Planting. As new believers grow, we have begun 6 new churches and one fellowship group. Due to insecurity, some of the churches cannot meet currently, but we are praying for their safety and the return of peace to the region..

1. Kakingol Community Church. On the back side of Mt. Moroto, this community are of the Tepeth tribe, unrelated to the Karamojong. This tribe fled from the Karamojong and climbed up the mountains as Karamojong took over the area about 200 years ago. The Tepeth people practice alot of witchcraft. They are an unreached people group and their language is on the verge of becoming extinct, together with much of their traditional culture. They have given us a dilapidated building and a small piece of land for the church and Christian Nursery school. Waffle is working to make it useable.

2. Nakiloro Community Church. Down the Mountain from Kakingol is the Nakiloro trading center. This is an active community, but is mired in alcoholism, which limits development and leads to violence and poverty.

3. Nakabaat Community Church. On the foothills of Mt. Moroto, an hour towards the Kenyan border, lies the rugged mining community of Nakabaat. Gold miners, many armed with weapons, struggle to dig pits and pan for gold in the small stream. We praise God that many have turned to Him and look forward to walking where the streets are made of Gold! This church is currently closed due to armed violence in the village.

4. Lomokori Community Church. Right at the Uganda-Kenya border is the Turkana herding community of Lomokori.  Many of them have turned to Christ and worship Him with their whole hearts. Others come for prayers with us, while conducting raids and stealing cattle during the weekdays. This church is currently closed due to insecurity in Nakabaat, which is on the way to Lomokori.

5. Naput Community Church. Branching an hour deeper in the bush, you come to Naput gold mining village. They also have good land for growing crops and vegetables, but are very near to the Kenyan border and have raiders from the Turkana tribe attacking them regularly. They have given us land where we are currently building a church/Christian Nursery school building.

6. Loluung Community Church. These are neighbors to the Naput village, and also mine gold and plant crops. They have a deep mining pit over 100 feet deep, which could be dangerous if it collapses. They have also given us land where we are putting up a church/Christian Nursery school building. 

Our target is $15,000 for our church construction and discipleship mentoring for 2022.

$75/month provides funds for one Discipleship leader to mentor 12 church members and lead one of the 5 new churches each week.
$4,000 can build a simple church structure.
$9,000 can put in a borehole for water for the church and the surrounding villagers (3,000 people/borehole)

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Thanks so much for your interest in our Discipleship Ministry! God is doing amazing things out here. You could even consider coming out and serving with us, helping with mentoring our pastors or baptizing some new believers!  See our webpage about Short Term Trips and pray about what God may do in and through You!

Bob Swatland
Project Manager

Waffle Lomilo

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